Tip of the day: PitchGround

Tip of the day: PitchGround

As a digital marketing agency who loves to automate as much as possible for my clients, I’m always looking for tools to improve my and their workflow. Ofcourse, being a small starting entrepreneur, cost is something which is important for me.

Recently I’ve discovered my so called ‘Life Time Deals’ for up and coming tools. These tools are usually from starting business and don’t have all the relevant features yet, but for a small fee you can get a lifetime subscription to the tool instead of monthly costs. And in time, the tool will improve and will hopefully provide the services I am looking for.

This has given me a number of amazing tools which are great now and will hopefully become amazing over time. However, it is always a risk as there is a chance that the feature I’m looking for might not be implemented at all or that it might take months or even years before it’s released.

The deals offered on PitchGround are VERY different however…

So far, there have been 2 deals on this platform (Marketplan and LetConvert) which both were absolutely amazing in their current form. For both tools however, the development of new features was extremely fast thanks to the quality assurance the team at PitchGround do before offering their deals. Marketplan has already within just 1 months released more new features then I could have possibly hoped for and what other companies take years to do, if they even get there at all. LetConvert is following the same path.

The next tool on their list also looks extremely promising even in it’s current form and will probably be an instant purchase for me as well.

Suffice to say that the quality of the deals offered by PitchGround is unsurpassed and simply amazing. For any other small business hoping to automate their processes, I highly recommend keeping an eye out for the deals PitchGround has to offer.

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